Focus on your education at DeVry's Nashville Campus Community

As part of the Nashville Campus Community, you'll receive the career-oriented education and practical support you need to earn your degree and prepare for your chosen career.



In the heart of Music City, DeVry University's Nashville Campus Community provides you with the opportunity to earn a degree designed to prepare you for today's careers. Modern classrooms, an information center/computer lab, and a robust virtual library are equipped to help you get the most out of your education. A comfortable common area provides space to study and connect with fellow students.

The faculty and staff who teach, mentor and help you chart a course for your future at DeVry's Nashville Campus Community are committed to your academic success. Our instructors bring their academic credentials, career experience, and passion to the classroom and your learning. And DeVry's Nashville Campus Community advisors can support you in areas ranging from class registration and financial aid options to résumé building and interviewing skills. When you graduate from DeVry University Nashville, you can be better prepared to begin or advance in your career.